Sky Views & Attitude

When you live in the desert but are an ocean girl at heart, you’re often hard pressed to find beauty in your everyday surroundings. At least that’s the case for me. The ocean is my happy place. The damp, salty air, the sound of the waves and gulls, the smell of sea creatures and kelp; I love everything about it. Five minutes at the ocean and I am the vision of peace and calm. Seriously.

Like I said, I live in the desert. In Nevada. The wind blows quite a bit here and there’s lots of dirty dirt; nothing like ocean breezes and beach sand. But thankfully, I live in northern Nevada. No, it’s nowhere near Las Vegas. We’re nestled in a valley near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Which is a good thing because after the ocean, my next favorite place to be is in the mountains. And we don’t have to drive very far to get me to the mountains.

Wow, I sound like a whiny brat! Probably because for a while after moving here, I kind of was a whiny brat. It took me some time to decide to make the most of this desert and to choose to see the beauty that it has to offer.

The ever-changing landscape is very noticeable here. Partly because it’s a farming community and much of it is planted and harvested every year and partly because it is a valley nestled between mountain ranges. Though the wind can set me on edge, with it comes diverse weather patterns. A standing joke around here is that you can experience all four seasons in one day. It really is true. One minute you can be sweating because of the blistering sun and the next thing you know, hurricane force winds start blowing, bringing dark, broody clouds that dump gallons of rain in a matter of minutes. Sometimes winters here are wet and snowy and other times they are dry and bone-achingly cold. Sometimes Spring comes early and other times we barely have any springtime. Summers are always hot and Fall varies in length like Spring does. But the one thing I can always count on is the sky.

Our place is situated so that I  have a beautiful view of the morning sky.  When I remember to take the time and look out at the sunrise, I am never disappointed. The colors are breathtaking and the feelings they impart to me stay with me the whole day. When the wind blows, the clouds roll over the hills on the west side and make their way across the land, giving us a show of unmatched magnificence. Sometimes, the clouds lay on top of each other in layers giving the illusion of ocean waves and if I listen closely, I can almost hear them crashing upon each other. Sometimes we get giant puffy white clouds, other times we get flying saucer clouds and the thunderheads we get are impressively intimidating. The sunsets are nothing to sneer at either.  I never realized how many shades of pastel there are. Pinks, lavenders, yellows, grays, various hues of blues…even varying shades of white. Every bit of our northern Nevada sky is amazing.

I often say that our view of the sky is the best part about where we live. And it is. Because if we didn’t have this wonderful diversity in our skyscapes, I might be hard-pressed to find something to get excited about around here. That sounds shallow but it’s how I feel because the desert just isn’t my favorite. But here’s a funny tidbit. For the past few months, Mr. SBF and I have been traveling around a bit, checking out other places here and there, poking around to see if there is somewhere else for us to be and much to our bewilderment, no place else has quite felt like home.  Every time we return to our humble abode from one of our outings, we breathe a big sigh of relief. How’s that for irony? Maybe it’s because this is where we raised our children. Or maybe it’s because the rural lifestyle suits us so well. Maybe it’s because this is our comfort zone. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, it seems pretty clear that, for us, Nevada means home. At least for now anyway. And that’s okay.  For richer, for poorer, at the ocean or in the desert, my sweetheart and I are together and that is definitely what matters the most.

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Sagebrush Dreams

We’ve got dreams. We’ve got plans. We’ve got a long way to go. But we will get there.

Our little spot of earth in the northern Nevada desert is mostly sagebrush with dreams of becoming mostly farm. Ten acres of land is a lot for two people but with hard work and determination, we will get there. Each day is another day closer to realizing The Dream.

I follow farms and homesteads on social media who inspire me to go after The Dream, to roll with the punches, to not give up and to press on. Honestly, most days we don’t accomplish much around here but each day with my Sweetheart is a blessing. Instead of dwelling on how far we have to go, I savor each day that we have together.

Dream big! Never let go. Don’t worry about what life throws at you. Each day brings you one step closer to your dream, even if it seems like you’re going backward! This past summer we didn’t even spend much time working on anything. Instead, we did some traveling. Just the two of us. It was strange. But we got over it and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

One day we will build a beautiful chicken coop with a large run, a beautiful herb garden and have plenty of hens to keep us supplied with eggs.

One day we will have a barn, a dairy cow, goats and will raise some livestock for meat.

One day we will have a greenhouse, an abundant vegetable garden, a fruit orchard and a tractor.

One day we will have a wrap around porch.

One day Sagebrush Farm will shine.

But for now, we press on. One day at a time. And each day we are thankful for being one-day closer to where The Dream and Life intersect.

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