How to Brew Coffee at Home – the Perfect Cup

Did you know that it’s possible to  brew the “perfect” cup of coffee at home?

Spending time at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company has made me realize that brewing great coffee is a science. There are many components that go into brewing the perfect cup.

Woof-Fire Roasted Coffee Company suggests that for the perfect-tasting coffee to begin with coffee beans that have been roasted no longer than three weeks previously. Use 54 grams of freshly ground coffee and filtered water heated to 200 degrees (Fahrenheit). When the water is to temperature, pour it over the coffee grounds for four minutes until the weight reaches 810 grams. Allow it  to cool  to 160 degrees before drinking. Following these steps will allow you to experience your coffee’s best flavor.

Following these suggestions requires some special tools. Like a food scale, kettle (to boil your water), thermometers and a timer. Not to mention, time and patience. And let’s face it, not everyone has time to do this every morning.

But don’t fret. There are three simple things that you can do to brew great  tasting coffee every day at home or at the office.

First, toss out that old drip coffee maker and DO get either a french  press or a pour-over system. Seriously, that drip coffee maker isn’t doing your coffee justice. As it sits in the pot on top of the heating element, the coffee slowly burns and turns to… well, let’s just say that it really isn’t fit for human consumption!

Now, using a french press or pour-over system means that you need to heat your water somehow. If you don’t have a kettle and aren’t in a position  to purchase both a french press or pour-over system and a kettle, then just heat your water in a pot on the stove. Really! It’s allowed!

Second, make sure to use the best quality coffee available to you. Honestly, the quality of coffee is the most important component in achieving great tasting coffee, but I wanted to make sure that you toss out that old drip maker first! Even if throwing that thing out is the only thing you do, you will have made a giant leap towards better tasting coffee!

Anyway, once you have gotten yourself some excellently roasted whole bean coffee, make sure to refrain from grinding a bunch of it all at once. Only grind what you will need for what you are currently brewing. If you have the time and tools to weigh it to 54 grams, then do it! Otherwise, grind the amount of coffee that is to your liking.

Finally, use either filtered or bottled water. Most tap water is full of chlorine and other things that will detrimentally alter the flavor of your coffee and boiling it won’t fix it.


Once you have these three elements in place, you may brew your coffee for whatever amount of time you have available to you. Experiment if you’d like.

If you have the time and equipment to follow the precise measures and temperatures that Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company suggests, then please do it! In fact, I suggest that you try it at least once so you can experience your coffee in all of its glory!

A coffee brewing demonstration at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company (WFRCC) is coming up soon and, of course, I  will be attending. I’ve  always been a conscientious coffee brewer but my association with WFRCC has made me even more aware and  knowledgeable. I am curious to see what information they will share and can’t wait to see and taste the wonderful roasts they will be serving.

Oh, if you follow me on social media, you know that I have an espresso machine and I use it on a daily basis. It grinds, measures, heats, and brews a good cup of coffee in a matter of minutes and is really a tool of convenience.

WFRCC serves us pour-over coffee when we visit them. We don’t currently have a pour-over system but Mr. SBF has been comparing different ones online and will be purchasing one soon.

As you see in the photos, we have three different french presses in the house. The red one with the glass carafe belongs to Girl2 and is the one she uses nearly every day to make her coffee.

The smaller, stainless and black one is insulated and is the one I regularly use when I’m not using the espresso machine. I like to use the insulated one because it keeps the coffee hot for a longer period of time.

The large french press is also insulated, holds 48 ounces, and is the one I use when guests are over.

If you truly like coffee then knowing how to brew good coffee at home is essential. Once you’ve followed these steps, there will be no going back.

Isn’t it great to know that great tasting coffee is available right in your very own kitchen?

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If Cold Brew is your thing, we’ve got you covered! Check out our Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee article here and learn how to make Cold Brew at home!

Good luck and happy brewing!



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Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company in Reno NV

Several months ago I stumbled upon Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company’s Facebook page. A little intrigued, I decided to Google them and find out a little bit more. After a perusal of the website, I told Mr. SBF that this was definitely a place we should check out soon. But, as so often happens in life, soon turned into, “Oh my goodness, we still haven’t checked out that coffee place.” Ugh.

However, having followed their Facebook page, I’ve been able to keep up to date on what’s happening over at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee in Reno, NV and when I saw that they had created an event for an upcoming coffee roasting demonstration, I “saved” it and put it on my calendar to attend.


On Saturday, Girl2 and I attended their coffee roasting demonstration and we’re so glad we did! In case you didn’t know, we are a coffee-loving family. When Mr. SBF and I first met, he wasn’t crazy about the stuff but he eventually crossed over to the “dark side” (pun intended) and is now as much of a “coffee snob” as the rest of us.

In addition to being coffee lovers, we’re also into attending demonstrations, taking factory tours, and finding out how things are done, so going into the roasting demonstration, we knew we were in for a treat.

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company is located in an industrial area and since they regularly encourage people to stop by for a cup of coffee, Girl2 was skeptical that we were in the right place. But having done my research, I knew we were where we should be.

When we walked in we were warmly greeted by Tim, the owner, and his (only) employee, Mayra. Mayra was busy brewing their Ethiopian coffee for us to sample.

Since we were the first ones to arrive, we had time to ask some questions and get to know a little bit about them.

Tim had previously been in the restaurant business and was toying with the idea of opening a coffee house. Figuring he should educate himself a little more about the subject, he bought a book about coffee and became intrigued by the roasting process. So, he ordered some coffee beans and late one night after work he decided to roast them on his stove top. With one taste, he knew that he was hooked.

That was in 2001 and he’s been roasting coffee ever since.

What makes Tim’s coffee stand out is the fact that it is roasted in a wood-fired coffee roaster. A wood-fired roaster enhances the coffee bean’s natural flavor profile. I asked Tim how many people in the United States use firewood to roast their beans and his reply was,

“Not very many. Wood-Fire roasted coffee is an Old-World tradition and not very many people do it here in the U.S.”

And he’s right. I didn’t delve very deeply into trying to find other wood-fire coffee roasters but my initial Google search only turned up six results. And Tim’s website was right at the top!

Another thing that I believe makes Tim’s coffee stand out is his roasting process. Though there is a general method to it, Tim has discovered some tricks regarding heat temperature, timing, and flavor development which allow the brewing of his coffee to result in a smooth, low acid, well-rounded cup of coffee. Tim’s coffee has received one of the highest ratings by Coffee Review in a blind tasting.

I mentioned before that when we arrived, Myra was brewing some Ethiopian coffee for us to sample using the pour-over method. She was very precise with her brewing technique, carefully grinding the beans, weighing it, heating the water to a specific temperature and pouring the perfect amount of water over the beans. The results were great. Ethiopian coffee has a bright flavor with a little hint of lemon.

But it wasn’t up to Tim’s standards so he had Myra tweak the grind just a bit and then brew another batch. And oh my goodness, much to our surprise, there was a difference. With just a slight adjustment to the grind, we were able to taste its complete flavor profile with its lemony smoothness!

After the Ethiopian brew, Myra and Tim treated us to the Sumatra coffee. Again, after precise brewing, Myra handed us another cup of delicious coffee. This time we tasted the Sumatra’s cocoa profile with just a hint of smokiness from the firewood. It was, by far, the best Sumatra I’ve ever tasted.

When everyone arrived, Tim began his demonstration by giving us an overview of the general coffee roasting method and then told us how he had discovered certain tricks to making his coffee better than others (besides just using a wood-fired roaster). I could go into the details but his website does a much better job of it and if you’re interested, please visit his site after you’re finished here. My purpose is to tell you how amazing Tim’s Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee is!

Generally, Tim uses oak wood to roast his coffee, but for our demonstration, he chose to use some cherry wood that he had access to. He used a blend of Ethiopian beans and Guatemalan beans to create a smooth, creamy coffee with hints of hazelnut, cocoa nib, and raw sugar. This would make a delicious dessert coffee, but we’ve been drinking it every morning since we bought it! It’s so good!

Mr. SBF wasn’t able to attend the roasting demonstration with us but he got to hear all about it later that evening. The next morning when I brewed him some, his response after his first sip was, “Oh, my. That is smooth!”

As I mentioned before, Tim’s place is located in an industrial area and isn’t your typical coffee house. You won’t find any sugar-laden coffee drinks in his shop. Though Mayra prepared our coffee via the pour-over method, they usually serve french-pressed coffee which is equally delicious. His hours are Monday-Friday 9am-2pm, but if you can’t make it to the shop, you can experience his coffee at other places around the Reno area since a large portion of his business is through distribution. Check his website to find his coffee partners. And if you don’t live in northern Nevada but are eager to try some of his coffee, the good news is that his coffee is available on his website and you can even join his   Coffee of the Month Club!

It doesn’t take an expert to brew a good cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee essentially comes from the beans and how they are roasted absolutely makes ALL the difference. We were able to taste excellent coffee that was brewed with great precision, however, when we took it home and brewed it in both our espresso machine and in our french press, the coffee was still fantastic!

Tim recommends that you purchase coffee that prints its roasted date on the label and to make sure to use it within three weeks in order to get the best-tasting coffee. I think we’ll take his advice and buy smaller quantities of freshly roasted coffee from now on.

If you’re a coffee-lover and have a coffee roaster in your community who offers live demonstrations, we recommend that you attend one. It’s not only a great way to experience fabulous coffee, but it’s a great way to support your local business too.

And since I’ve made such a fuss over Tim’s Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee, I thought it would be fun to give away a one pound bag of the Cherry Wood Roast that he created for us!

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UPDATE: 2/25/2018 The contest is now CLOSED. The winner is – Vessy @ Feel Good and Travel! Congratulations Vessy!

*Update 4/1/2018 We are happy to announce that Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company has collaborated with us to create our very own Special Blend of Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee! It is available to purchase through our ETSY Shop (link here)

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