Northern Nevada Local

It’s a funny thing, living in Nevada. When we first moved here from California and would tell people that we live in Nevada, they would say, “Oh! Do you live in Las Vegas?” No, no we don’t. So, we learned early on to say, “We live in northern Nevada.” Now people ask, “Oh! Do you live near Las Vegas?” No, no we don’t. Las Vegas is about 360 miles south of us. We live near Reno. Sort of.

The state of Nevada spans 109,781 square miles and has a LOT of vacant land. The Las Vegas area (southern Nevada) has more population than the rest of the state’s cities and towns combined. Northern Nevada is rural. Even the cities, like Reno (“the Biggest Little City in Nevada”) and Carson City (the state’s capital) have a rural feel to them. In between the various towns and cities are wide open spaces with an abundance of wild horses and plenty of other desert fauna to see.

In order for us to get to a shopping center with retail chains, we have to drive a minimum of fifty miles. Reno is the only city near us with a shopping mall and it’s about 75 miles northwest of us. But we’re not complaining. We’ve been here for going on fifteen years and the rural life suits us just fine.

Much of the area still has an “old west” feel and even though the towns and cities are spaced far apart, there is a genuine sense of community in northern Nevada. One of the things we love about it is that every city has a plethora of small, locally owned and operated businesses. Sometimes we will take a drive to another town specifically to visit one business or another. Fernely, NV has our favorite Chinese Restaurant, Fallon, NV is home to our favorite distillery, Gardnerville, NV has our favorite pizza place, Dayton, NV has our favorite hair salon, Carson City, NV is where our favorite panaderia is, Reno, NV is where our favorite sushi restaurant is located and Lake Tahoe, NV is where most of the snow is. Oh, and Yerington, NV (aside from being where we live) is home to our favorite florist!

Sometimes I wish that shopping was a little more convenient (by that, I mean that we lived closer to shopping centers) but then again the internet makes shopping these days pretty convenient! In fact, I did most of my Christmas shopping online this past Christmas and I am seriously considering subscribing to one of those grocery delivery programs!  But I digress. Living in northern Nevada, for the most part, is pretty nice. Like I said, rural living agrees with us and I honestly don’t think we would ever be able to go back to the city life.

Oh, and the real purpose of this article is to let you know that the “Local” tab at the top of our website is where I am going to be sharing more about our northern Nevada area, so come back soon and see what there is to do when you’re in Nevada (but not in Las Vegas!)