Our Number One Use for Tea Tree Oil

I’ve mentioned before that we love to use essential oils. There are so many to choose from and their benefits are endless.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about number one use for Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca, is an oil extracted mainly from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant but can also be extracted from other Melaleuca species. The Melaleuca alternifolia is native to Australia and its oil has been widely used there for over one hundred years.

Tea Tree Oil is well known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral powers.

Contrary to what its name suggests, Tea Tree Oil is not a tea, should not be consumed, and should only be used topically. Ingesting Tea Tree Oil has been known to cause confusion, drowsiness, hallucinations, severe intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, coma and other serious side effects.

With that being said, however, its topical uses are countless and its benefits are phenomenal

For several years, Mr. SBF has had an ongoing battle with eczema on his right leg. Depending on how severe the flare-up is, it can cover the area around the outside of his ankle to the whole shin and calf.

When the symptoms and rash first began to appear, we treated it with various creams and rash ointments but to no avail. In fact, with each new cream, the rash seemed to spread and to get worse.

I did some research on the causes of eczema and studies suggest that eczema can be due to something in the diet (mainly, too much dairy and/or too much sugar). So, he made some dietary modifications so that he wasn’t eating as much dairy or sugar. But there was still no improvement.

So, I went back to the internet and did some more research. Other than genetics, the only thing that seemed to be left was stress. In some cases, stress can cause breakouts of eczema. Well, that certainly made sense because, at the time of the initial breakout, he was under extreme stress at his job. In fact, the eczema was so severe that at one point, his skin was so inflamed that it cracked and bled. All the while, we were searching for something that would help to relieve the discomfort as well as to heal it.

After three years of battling this crud, Mr. SBF finally went to work someplace else. I’d love to say that this cured the eczema but it didn’t. However, with a less stressful job, the eczema did subside a bit. The inflammation lessened and the cracks began to heal. Around that time, I read about the healing qualities of Tea Tree Oil and we decided to give it a try. I mixed a few drops with some coconut oil and he applied it to his leg two to three times per day. Much to our relief, the eczema began to subside! He used the ointment for several weeks and the cracks healed completely and the dry, itchy patches went away. All that remained was some redness in the places where the eczema had been the worst.  The only thing Mr. SBF didn’t like about my homemade ointment was the fact that coconut oil is so, well, oily. It does eventually absorb into the skin, but he didn’t have the time (or wasn’t willing-haha) to wait around every morning for the oil to absorb into his skin before getting dressed for work.

So I did a little digging around on the internet and found a great line of products called TheraTree (available through Amazon) which contains Tea Tree Oil and other natural ingredients. I ordered the therapeutic balm and lotion. He began applying those every day and noticed an increase in the skin’s smoothness and return to normalcy. For the past year, he has been using these products daily to maintain the health of his skin and I am happy to report that there have no more eczema flare-ups since using the Tea Tree Oil and TheraTree products.

Tea Tree Oil is truly an amazing thing! Its benefits are countless but this just happens to be our top use for Tea Tree Oil. We are firm believers in the use of essential oils and have reaped the benefits of so many of them.

How about you? Have you benefited from the use of essential oils?  We would love to hear your number one use for Tea Tree or any other essential oil!



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**The information provided in this post is the personal opinion and experience of the author. We are not healthcare professionals.



Reasons Why We Shop on Amazon

So, I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon. I mean, how could you not? There was a “buzz” just a while back about Amazon “taking over the world” because they are expanding and diversifying their market. When companies grow the way Amazon has, people tend to freak out. I totally get it. We’re all for supporting small businesses and shopping locally whenever we can but we also do a lot of shopping on Amazon and here’s why.

First of all, we live in rural northern Nevada. We live in a town with a grocery store and a handful of small businesses who attempt to provide its residents with products they think we’ll need. But for us, it just isn’t enough. The selection of household items (eg. appliances, electronics, apparel and such) is limited at best. And since we live 65+ miles away from the nearest town with larger retailers, shopping on Amazon just makes sense for us.

We can shop online, from the convenience of our home, wearing our pajamas if we want to, and have everything delivered to our door within 48 hours (most of the time) with our Prime Membership. We have found that shopping through Amazon allows us to compare brands and prices as well as read consumer reviews on items we’re considering purchasing.

And did you know that you can gift someone an Amazon Prime Membership? Isn’t that great?

One of my favorite things about shopping on Amazon is their Subscribe & Save feature. With Subscribe & Save, I am able to select items that I purchase on a regular basis and schedule them to be automatically shipped to my door on a specific day of the month. By using the Subscribe & Save feature, I am able to save up to an additional 15% on the things we use on a regular basis (eg. pet food & pantry items). The items I have on my Subscribe & Save list are less expensive on Amazon than at any other retail chain and I get to have them delivered to my door! Trust me, having that 20lb. box of cat litter delivered to me is awesome! Instead of lugging it into my shopping cart, to my car, and into my house, I now only have to lug it from my porch into my house. And since we have a Prime Membership, the shipping is free!

Plus, by having certain items delivered to me on a regular basis, when I do have to go out of town for shopping, my list is shorter and it doesn’t take as long, thus leaving us plenty of time to do something fun while we’re out and about (like go to the movies or a museum or something) and life needs to be fun!

Another thing we love about Amazon is their Prime Video which is included with an Amazon Prime Membership. Prime Video has popular television shows, Amazon exclusive series, and blockbuster movies. With Prime Video you can also purchase premium channels (eg. HBO) at a lower price than with other providers. Since we no longer use a satellite television service, Prime Video is a definite plus.

For most people who live rurally, shopping online is simply a way of life. Amazon is one of our preferred sites for our online shopping. Their prices and selection are great and their customer service is top-notch. We have encountered few problems in the years we’ve been using Amazon but when we have had to contact them, they have handled and remedied our concern quickly and efficiently.

Honestly, shopping on Amazon just makes my life a little bit easier. And I’m all for life being easier!

What about you? Are you an Amazon shopper? Leave a comment and tell us why or why not. We’re always curious about other people’s perspectives and experiences. Well, at least I am. Mr. SBF doesn’t really read the comments. He’s more of a behind the scenes participant here but I would love to hear from you!