Things to do and places to visit in Northern Nevada.

Virginia City NV – The Old West Lives On

Virginia City, NV sprung up when silver was struck at the Comstock Lode a decade after the Gold Rush in California and is considered to be one of Nevada’s BoomTowns.  Having had its heyday in the mid to late 1800’s, Virginia City NV is a place where the Old West lives on. The Silver Strike…

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Explore More – Ash Canyon in Carson City

Get Outside! Explore more! It’s Good for You! Spending time outdoors is crucial to our overall health. Aside from all of the scientific studies and evidence that tell us we need to spend time in nature if you think about it, it just makes sense. Before all of our manmade conveniences, humanity was one with…

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Black Rock Desert Region | Northern Nevada’s Playground

For many people. warmer weather sparks a desire to get outside and explore! If you love to be outdoors and find yourself in North West Nevada, the Black Rock Desert Region is a beautiful  place to explore. Located 100 miles from Reno, NV, the Black Rock Desert is best known for its annual hosting of…

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SagebrushFarmNV Special Blend of Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee

The GIVEAWAY has ENDED. Thank you to everyone who entered. Please  continue reading the full announcement of our Coffee Launch! We are excited to announce that SagebrushFarmNV has collaborated with Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee to create our very own Special Blend of coffee!   SagebrushFarmNV Special Blend is mellow and creamy with gentle herb, fruit tones, cocoa…

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Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company in Reno NV

Several months ago I stumbled upon Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company’s Facebook page. A little intrigued, I decided to Google them and find out a little bit more. After a perusal of the website, I told Mr. SBF that this was definitely a place we should check out soon. But, as so often happens in life,…

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Twigs Flowers & Gifts in Yerington NV

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it only appropriate to share a little bit about our hometown flower shop – Twigs!   Twigs is a beautiful little shop on the south end of town, providing wonderfully creative floral designs to Yerington residents. Owner/Designer, Tracey is passionate about creating both beautiful and one-of-a-kind…

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Northern Nevada Local

It’s a funny thing, living in Nevada. When we first moved here from California and would tell people that we live in Nevada, they would say, “Oh! Do you live in Las Vegas?” No, no we don’t. So, we learned early on to say, “We live in northern Nevada.” Now people ask, “Oh! Do you…

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