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Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company in Reno NV

Several months ago I stumbled upon Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company’s Facebook page. A little intrigued, I decided to Google them and find out a little bit more. After a perusal of the website, I told Mr. SBF that this was definitely a place we should check out soon. But, as so often happens in life,…

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Mother Nature & National Parks

For as long as I can remember, Mr. SBF and I have had a desire to visit Yellowstone National Park. Early last year we toyed with the idea of going but then we were presented with an opportunity to visit Key West, Florida so we decided to postpone the trip to Yellowstone until this year…

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Remembering to be Present

This year has been quite different for us. Mr. SBF and I were able to take an extended sabbatical and spent the last six months of the year road tripping, camping and visiting with family. The break from the stress of the past decade and from our normal routine was definitely needed and we feel…

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Camping, Tidy Coolers & Bears

In September, just after Labor Day, we went on a camping trip to Twin Lakes in Mammoth, CA.  It was our first time camping there and we loved it. The lakes are beautiful, there’s a LOT to do in the surrounding area, and the town is just a couple of miles away. The best part…

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Never too Young to Fiesta!

Our twin grandsons turned three this past weekend. How did this happen so quickly? It seems like just yesterday that we were traveling to Southern California for their Mommy and Dada’s baby shower! The fact that they’re now (very) active three-year-olds almost seems crazy! For their party, our daughter-in-love purchased mini donkey pinatas and colorful…

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Camp Guests

Mr. SBF and I did some camping this past summer for the first time in years. Our first trip was to Silver Lake in June Lake, California. When we arrived at the campground our camp host informed us that a coyote had recently given birth to a litter of pups on our site and she…

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