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SagebrushFarmNV is a little spot of earth in the northern Nevada desert that is mostly sagebrush with dreams of becoming mostly farm.

In between those two points is where life happens.

Mr. and Mrs. SagebrushFarm met in southern California in 1987 and married in 1990. 

They have three children who were all born in California, then in 2004 they moved their family to northern Nevada. 

Having raised their children (mostly) at SagebrushFarm, they have gleaned much wisdom and hold a treasure trove of fond memories to share.

Mrs. SBF (aka Lysa) is a “foodie” and spends much of her time in the kitchen.  She loves all things pertaining to house and home, so keep an eye out for recipes, decor updates, gardening angst and triumphs, product reviews, Etsy listings and other “homey” happenings!

Mr. SBF likes to work behind the scenes, so while you may not see him on the website much, you will certainly see evidence of him here!

Together, Mr. and Mrs. SBF have over 55 years experience in the automotive industry and are Master Certified in customer service, hospitality,  and guest/public relations which helped to prepare them for and has proven useful in their other endeavors.

They continue to stand behind the manufacturers they worked for and feel that it is important to promote and support those that they truly believe in, whether it’s a company, product, service  or individual and is one of the main purposes and goals of SagebrushFarmNV.com

After fifteen years in the automotive industry, Mrs. SBF decided to become a stay at home mom to raise and homeschool their children.

From 2006-2009 she also owned and operated her own cafe/bakery which was one of her greatest dreams. She fell in love with cooking and coffee at a very young age and feeding people is one of her greatest joys. To this day, her quest for an excellent cup of coffee continues and is what led her to collaborate with Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company to create SagebrushFarm’s very own Special Blend of coffee.

After closing her shop, Mrs. SBF spent a year working through some health issues (caused mainly by stress) which led her to become interested in holistic health care. When a health concern arises for her or her family, she will research and test various remedies until she finds the one that works. When she does, she is excited to share her findings here.

Mr. SBF retired from the automotive industry in 2017 so that he could have time to pursue  and enjoy other ventures.

The children are grown and starting families of their own but remain at the heart of Mr. and Mrs. SBF’s home and lives.

In addition, they have a love for adventure which has led to many road trips, camping excursions,  and other random outings which make for great articles about this great world in which we live.

Exploring their local area has also become a passion as is sharing about all that northern Nevada has to offer its visitors.

Speaking of passions, Mr. and Mrs. SBF have learned that it is important to enjoy life while pursuing their dreams and hope to spread that message to others. Life is too short to be miserable and their motto has become, “Pursue your dreams while living your best life now!”

Thank you for being here. Enjoy your time and please come back soon!



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