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SagebrushFarmNV is a little spot of earth in the northern Nevada desert that is mostly sagebrush with dreams of becoming mostly farm. In between those two points is where life happens.

Having raised their children here, Mr. and Mrs. SagebrushFarm have gleaned much wisdom and hold a treasure trove of fond memories which we love to share.

Mrs. SBF (aka Lysa) is a “foodie” and spends much of her time in the kitchen.  She loves all things pertaining to house and home, so keep an eye out for recipes, decor updates, gardening angst and triumphs, product reviews, Etsy listings and other “homey” happenings!

Mr. SBF likes to work behind the scenes, so while you may not see him on the blog much, you will certainly see evidence of him here!

Though the children are grown, they love their momma and make appearances here and there. The Grandchildren, on the other hand, don’t have a choice and simply “must” make regular appearances because they are so adorable and bring so much joy to our lives.

We also love adventures! Road trips, camping, and regular outings around our local northern Nevada territory are regular topics of conversation around here.

And since a farm isn’t a farm without pets, Mrs. SBF is sure to share plenty of “tails” about their amusing animal antics.

Thank you for being here. We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back soon!